Edited by Andrew Foster Altschul

Here are five very short stories you can read in a flash! Featuring stories by Lemony Snicket, Anna North, Kaui Hart Hemmings, Joshua Furst, and Andrew Foster Altschul.

A little bit about the stories:

Lemony Snicket’s “Something You Ought to Know,” is a tale about the man who watches you when you sleep.

In Anna North’s “Simoom” a mother blames a family’s misfortunes on a strange wind.

In Kaui Hart Hemmings’s “Author Questionnaire” an author answers questions about a book she has written called HOW TO PARTY WITH AN INFANT.

Joshua Furst’s “Solace” follows an American traveler into a familiar fast-food chain in India.

In Andrew Foster Altschul’s “What Now?” a guy’s friend tells him a supposedly titillating story that he doesn’t find very titillating at all.

A little bit about the authors:

Lemony Snicket is responsible for a great number of upsetting books, and yet is still at large. There are only two explanations for this situation, and he is currently at work on the third. “Something You Ought to Know” also appears in Half Minute Horrors: A Collection of Instant Frights from The World's Most Astonishing Authors and Artists (

Anna North’s fiction has appeared in the Atlantic Monthly, where it was nominated for a National Magazine Award. Her nonfiction has appeared in such publications as the San Francisco Chronicle and the SF Weekly, and she is a regular contributor to the blog She is currently working on a novel about the end of the world.

Kaui Hart Hemmings is the author of a collection of stories, House of Thieves, and a novel, The Descendants, which has been published in five other countries and is currently in development with Fox Searchlight.

Joshua Furst is the author of a novel, The Sabotage Café, and a short story collection, Short People. He lives in New York City.

Andrew Foster Altschul is the author of the novel Lady Lazarus. His short fiction and essays have appeared in Esquire, Ploughshares, McSweeney's, One Story, and anthologies such as Best New American Voices and O. Henry Prize Stories. He lives in San Francisco.

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